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GTA Online: How to Get Alien Suit

gta online alien suit

GTA Online: How to Get Alien Suit

If you’ve been playing GTA Online recently, chances are you’ve run into one of the notorious groups of players going around in Alien suits griefing other players. It’s weird, it’s obscene, and it’s 100% GTA. If you’re looking to join in on these supernatural shenanigans, you’ll want to don the look of an alien yourself. Here’s everything you need to know on how to get the Alien suit in GTA Online.

Whether you’re looking to rock it for everything you do in the game, or just to see how you look, it’s fun and thankfully pretty easy.

How to Get the Alien Suit in GTA Online

  1. Go to a Clothes Store

    This can be any clothes store that you come across in the game. These are marked on your map with a t-shirt icon.

    gta online alien suit

  2. Speak to the Person at the Cash Register

    Simply walk over to them and interact with them to open up the menu to buy clothes and other items.

  3. Go to Outfits: Arena War

    From this option, you then want to select ‘Bodysuits.’

  4. Select the ‘Green Marian Bodysuit’ near the bottom of the list.

    The Green Martian Bodysuit will set you back about $360,000 so you’ll need to have saved up all your hard-earned in-game dollars if you want to buy it. Alternatively, you can just buy a Shark Card if you don’t want to grind out the cash in-game.

    gta online alien suit

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Alien Suit in GTA Online. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for all of your other video game guide needs.

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