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GTA Online Gerald’s Last Play Update Adds 6 New Contact Missions

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GTA Online Gerald’s Last Play Update Adds 6 New Contact Missions

Rockstar Games has continued to support GTA Online with numerous content expansions since launch. So many, in fact, it’s often hard to keep up. But today’s Gerald’s Last Play expansion marks one of the more substantial updates in recent months, featuring six new story-driven Contact Missions.

Each can be played either solo or cooperatively with up to four players, earning Double GTA$ & RPs as you work through them.

Here’s a mission list and a brief description of what you can expect in each:

  • Make Ends Meat – This slaughterhouse isn’t quite what it seems – Gerald’s long-time rivals have been using it to put together product before taking it to the street. Deal with the rival gang members guarding the facility and get hold of their cook sheet, but it won’t be easy as safe-cracking skills will be required.
  • Go Figure – A clever rival dealer has started stashing cocaine inside action figures and Gerald’s picked up a tip that he hasn’t been low key with his transactions. Collect the van then locate and recover the delivered figures…and be ready for anything.
  • Fast Peddling – Bikers are trying to muscle in on Gerald’s business and are undercutting him at every corner. Help send the right kind of message by stealing supplies from their known businesses.
  • Deal With It – A deal’s gone wrong and players need to locate the missing product Gerald has kept tabs on with a tracker, but rival gangs might also know this so it’s up to players to source the goods, and keep the cops off the trail in the process.
  • Bad Companies – Gerald’s had enough with a rival gang boss and is ready to take him out – but he has to find him first. To smoke out the rival leader you’ll need to take out his crew.
  • End Product – Gerald is looking to unload all his merchandise in a big deal with a local buyer. Make sure this deal goes smoothly.

Below you can scroll through some screenshots from Gerald’s Last Play.

Further key highlights from today’s update include:

  • Tripled Salaries for all Associates and Bodyguards
  • A customized Karin Sultan Classic is the latest top prize at the Lucky Wheel
  • Discounts on Offices & Real Estate: 50% off Executive Offices, Large Special Cargo Warehouses, Office Garages and Office Garages Custom Auto Shop; 60% off Executive Office Customizations and Office Garage Customizations
  • Vehicle Discounts: 25% off the Ocelot R88, and 70% off the Armored Karin Kuruma
  • Ongoing Twitch Prime Benefits: 80% off the Buckingham Luxor and Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

Today’s expansion follows on from the Casino Casino Heist, which introduced a whole new resort area to the open-world.

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