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Gears Tactics: How to Change Difficulty

gears tactics change difficulty

Gears Tactics: How to Change Difficulty

Difficulty can make or break your enjoyment of a game. In Gears Tactics, changing this setting will not only alter the AI’s intelligence when taking its turns, but will also enable you to unlock some more achievements if you’re into the whole Gamerscore thing. Here’s a full breakdown on difficulty in Gears Tactics.

Changing Difficulty in Gears Tactics

There are four different difficulty levels for players to choose from in Gears Tactics. These are:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Insane

At the very beginning of the game, when creating your save file, you’ll be asked what difficulty you’d like to play the game on. Choose the setting that best relates to your experience with tactics games and you’re free to move on.

When playing through Gears Tactics’ campaign, you’re free to change difficulty when you’re at the ‘Home’ screen. This is where you have access to your Cases, new Recruits, and Barracks to customize your characters and their loadouts.

To change difficulty, simply click on ‘Settings’ from the top right-hand corner, or press P to open it.

Difficulty in Gears Tactics
Difficulty in Gears Tactics

From here, select the ‘General’ option and then ‘Game.’ Here, you’ll find the ‘Difficulty’ option three down. Click on it and then you’ll be free to change your difficulty between the four listed above.

Keep in mind that you cannot change difficulty during a combat scenario. It’s also worth noting that if you do change difficulty, it may affect your progress towards difficulty achievements in this save file.

All Gears Tactics Difficulty Achievements

There are three different difficulty-related achievements in Gears Tactics. We’ve listed these below:

  • Hero of Vasgar – Complete the Campaign on Experienced or Insane Difficulty
  • Savior of Vasgar – Complete the Campaign on Insane Difficulty
  • I Am Ironman – Complete the Campaign on any difficulty with Ironman Mode enabled.

What Gears Tactics’ Ironman Mode Is

While Ironman Mode is technically listed with the other difficulty settings when first starting a new game, it’s not technically a difficulty option, nor can it be enabled or disabled during a playthrough.

Ironman Mode prevents players from being able to restart missions, or back up to a previous checkpoint once they’ve started. In other words, once you’ve made a mistake, you’re stuck with it for good, and that might mean losing one of your recruits.

There you have just about everything you need to know about difficulty in Gears Tactics. For more, keep searching for Twinfinite or check out more of our coverage below.

Head over to our Gears Tactics Guide Wiki!

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