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Gears Tactics: Is There a Difficulty Achievement? Answered

gears tactics difficulty achievements

Gears Tactics: Is There a Difficulty Achievement? Answered

Gears Tactics has finally arrived on PC, and while the Xbox One version is still to come later in 2020, there’s still an achievements list you can work your way through. As such, some players may be wondering if Gears Tactics has difficulty achievements.

For those who aren’t clued up, let us explain. Difficulty achievements are simply achievements that are earned for completing a game on a certain difficulty setting. For example, completing the mainline Gears of War game campaigns on Insane difficulty always rewarded you with an achievement.

Well, Gears Tactics is no different. In fact, it actually has three different difficulty achievements that you’ll need to earn if you’re wanting to get the full 1000 Gamerscore on offer.

Gears Tactics Difficulty Achievements List

The three difficulty-related achievements in Gears Tactics are as follows:

  • Hero of Vasgar (60G) – Complete all campaign acts on Experienced or Insane difficulty.
  • Savior of Vasgar (80G) – Complete all campaign acts on Insane difficulty.
  • I Am Ironman (10G) – Complete the campaign on any difficulty with Ironman Mode enabled.

What Is Ironman Mode?

While the Experience and Insane difficulty modes are straightforward enough to understand (you’ll be up against tougher enemies), Ironman Mode is an optional setting that can be turned on when first choosing your difficulty, and adds another few restrictions for you to take into account.

Ironman Mode prevents you from being able to restart missions or back up at all by loading from a previous checkpoint. If you’re destined to fail a mission, you’ll have to accept your fate and then restart once your entire squad is wiped.

This can be enabled on any difficulty just to give you that extra challenge to take on, but do so at your own risk.

There you have everything you need to know about Gears Tactics’ difficulty achievements. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure search for Twinfinite, or browse more of our coverage below.

Head over to our Gears Tactics Guide Wiki!

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