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Gears Tactics: How to Beat Brumak Boss Fight

Gears Tactics Brumak

Gears Tactics: How to Beat Brumak Boss Fight

The Brumak boss fight is Gears Tactics’ first and comes right at the end of Act 1 Chapter 6. After pushing your way across the bridge, you’ll eventually reach Ukkon’s first terrifying Locust beast. The Brumak is formidable, with a chaingun on each arm and a missile launcher on each shoulder. Here’s how to beat the Brumak in Gears Tactics.

Gears Tactics Brumak Boss Fight

Before we can launch our attack on the Brumak in Gears Tactics, we need to know what attacks the it has to offer.

All Brumak Attacks It’ll Use in Gears Tactics

The first is a stomp attack that it’ll use when it’s up close and personal to one of your units. To avoid this, keep moving your units away from the Brumak whenever it’s your turn, and keep your units spread out across the area, rather than keeping them all together.

Gears Tactics Brumak boss fight
Keep your units away from the Brumak or it’ll use its stamp attack.

The second attack is a missile barrage that it’ll launch at the end of every enemy turn. This attack leaves two red blast radius on the map that will target your units. You have to move your units out of these red circles by the end of your turn to avoid taking damage from it.

Gears Tactics Brumak boss fight
Avoid the red blast radius circles when the Brumak fires its missiles during its turn.

Finally, the Brumak has a chaingun attack. It will use this twice per turn if it cannot get in range of one of your units to use its stomp attack, so make sure your units are in cover before ending your turn.

Take cover when the Brumak uses its chaingun attack

You’ll also want to watch out for Emergence Holes appearing across the map. Use your Frag grenades to close these as soon as the first lot of enemies emerge from them, and focus on taking these out whenever they do appear, before turning back to the Brumak as they’ll become a real nuisance if you just leave them.

How to Beat the Brumak Boss Fight in Gears Tactics

The easiest way we found to beat the Brumak was to disable its chainguns first. This can be done by moving your units to a position where they have a line of sight on the chaingun. Each one has 2,000 health, but you can quickly pick these off in a few turns if you focus all of your units on attacking it.

Gears Tactics Brumak boss fight
Target the Brumak’s Chainguns to Disable These Attacks

Once you’ve destroyed a chaingun, it’s out of action for the rest of the fight, meaning you only have to worry about moving your units away from the Brumak and the missile blast radius. In other words, it’s one less thing to have to think about.

When it comes to dealing damage to the Brumak itself, you need to shoot the Imulsion tanks on its back. We found using Mikayla, your Sniper, to deal huge damage to this from a safe distance was a good tactic.

Gears Tactics Brumak boss fight
Hit the Imulsion Tanks on the Brumak’s Back to Deal Damage

We kept Mikayla and one unit on one side, and another two on the other side. When you shoot the Imulsion tanks, the Brumak will turn around 180 degrees. Keeping your units on opposing sides of the area means you can constantly be shooting these tanks, regardless of which way it turns.

Also, be sure to make use of Gabe’s healing skills to keep your squad in tip-top shape. If one unit dies, you’ll have to restart the mission.

Each third of the Brumak’s health bar at the top of the screen represents one of the three Imulsion tanks on its back. Just keep shooting and use abilities like Rage Shot with your Vanguard or Precision Shot with your Sniper if you have them to deal even more damage with each shot.

Finally, remember to focus on taking out any enemies that come from Emergence Holes during the Brumak boss fight in Gears Tactics. If you don’t, they’ll be another thing to keep in mind while also trying to keep your distance from the Brumak and avoid the blast radius’ from the missile attack.

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