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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Steal

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Steal

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the most hotly anticipated video game releases of 2020, and it’s a full re-imagining of the Midgar story arc from the original 1997 PS1 classic title. There are quite a few new additions to the remake, though, along with some Materia orbs that you can get early on. Here’s how to steal in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Stealing in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Steal action is a staple and mainstay of the Final Fantasy series, so it should come as no surprise that it would be available in this game as well. To get the action, first you need to obtain the right Materia for it.

Getting the Steal Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Thankfully, getting the Steal action isn’t too hard, and you can purchase it from Chadley once you’ve done enough of his Battle Intel quests. To unlock it, you need to complete Magic Elements Pt. 2, which requires you to hit an enemy’s weakness with magic spells 15 times.

Do note that these must be different enemies, but you should be able to knock this quest out easily by simply using Assess on all new enemies you come across, and hitting them with the appropriate spell. Once you’ve completed the quest, you can purchase the Materia from Chadley for 100 Gil.

Using the Steal Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Once you’ve obtained the Materia, equip it on any of your characters and they’ll now have access to the Steal ability. It takes up one ATB charge and can be used on most enemies in the game.

Most importantly, you’ll want to use it on Eligor once you reach the end of the Train Graveyard. You’ll be able to obtain the Bladed Staff weapon for Aerith, which is pretty a pretty formidable weapon choice for her. Other than that, you can use it on other mini-bosses for armor and accessories, or just regular enemies for items like potions and ethers.

That’s all you need to know about how to steal in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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