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The Island Villager’s Guide to Proper Turnip Etiquette in Animal Crossing


The Island Villager’s Guide to Proper Turnip Etiquette in Animal Crossing

If you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you probably have at least heard about buying and selling turnips in order to make a profit. Daisy Mae sells the turnips on Sunday mornings, and then you have the week to sell them to the Nooklings, hopefully making more bells than you spent.

It’s a bit risky, though, since the turnip prices on your own island might not yield a profit during the week. That’s why generous members of the Animal Crossing community have been opening the gates to their islands when their turnip prices are high.

Visiting someone’s island to sell turnips (or for any other reason) can be essential to making a profit. But if guests aren’t respectful, it could turn into a disaster for the host and make them rethink inviting people in the future.

Here are some tips for having good etiquette when visiting another player’s island to sell turnips.

Head Straight to Nook’s Cranny

nook's cranny

When someone invites others, especially strangers, to their island to sell turnips, they expect that the guest is selling at Nook’s Cranny and not doing anything else.

If guests start wandering around the island without asking, it can make the host nervous about what they might be up to. They might want you to stay within their sight.

If you’re not sure where Nook’s Cranny is located on someone’s island, start by checking the map and heading directly towards it. This doesn’t mean you can’t explore the island later; just be sure to ask the host if it’s okay so they know where you are going.

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