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Persona 5 Royal: All Crossword Puzzle Answers

persona 5 royal, crossword puzzle answers

Persona 5 Royal: All Crossword Puzzle Answers

Aside from just new story content and dungeon mechanics to sink your teeth into, there’s plenty of other new mini activities you can check out in Persona 5 Royal as well. There’s a new crossword puzzle you can try out in Leblanc during your free evenings. Here are all the crossword puzzle answers you need in Persona 5 Royal.

All Crossword Puzzle Answers in Persona 5 Royal

To play the crossword puzzle, go back to Leblanc in the evening, and look out for the magazine sitting on the table. We’ve included a screenshot down below to indicate what you should be looking for.

Whenever you see the magazine on the table, that means there’s a new crossword for you to try out. Doing the crossword won’t take up time at all, so you don’t have to worry about wasting an entire evening on it. In addition to that, solving the crossword also gives you one point of Knowledge.

When doing the crossword, you’ll need to guess the word highlighted in the blue section. The other blank sections provide clues to other words that you can guess as well, allowing you to eliminate the extra letters that are available to you, narrowing down the choices you have for the main clue.

We’ve listed all the crossword puzzle answers we’ve found in Persona 5 Royal down below, and will update this guide as we find more of them:

  1. How is the school term divided? Answer: Semesters
  2. What are the May Blues? Answer: Malaise
  3. What is flower watching in spring? Answer: Blossom
  4. Holiday in Japan. Answer: Golden
  5. Where is art sold? Answer: Gallery
  6. A type of outdoor allergy. Answer: Pollenosis
  7. Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork. Answer: Japanese
  8. Label for an unparalleled artist. Answer: Master
  9. Held to inform the public. Answer: Conference
  10. Changes with the seasons. Answer: Wardrobe
  11. Exchanged all over the world. Answer: Currency
  12. A border between air masses. Answer: Front
  13. Medicine of varying legality. Answer: Narcotics
  14. Many students’ greatest love. Answer: Vacation
  15. These gauge student knowledge. Answer: Finals
  16. A seasonal skybound event. Answer: Fireworks
  17. A stationary hotspot: heat (?) Answer: Island
  18. Necessary for dares. Answer: Courage
  19. A common skin injury. Answer: Sunburn
  20. When it’s too hot to sleep. Answer: Sweltering
  21. Techy term for e-infiltration. Answer: Hacking
  22. Localized destructive storm. Answer: Typhoon
  23. Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?) Answer: Festival
  24. Establishing order of worth. Answer: Ranking
  25. Absorbs the most light. Answer: Black
  26. Co-opted Celtic holiday. Answer: Halloween
  27. Lined up at school festivals. Answer: Stalls
  28. Tipster hotlines after this. Answer: Reward
  29. Laying into someone. Answer: Bashing
  30. Draws people to you. Answer: Charisma
  31. AKA sweating sickness. Answer: Influenza
  32. What lights do for store signage. Answer: Illuminate
  33. Politicians thrive on this rating. Answer: Approval
  34. Joyful holiday with an intruder. Answer: Christmas
  35. A type of wish: New Year’s (?) Answer: Resolution
  36. Ancient god of theatre. Answer: Dionysus

That’s all you need to know about the crossword puzzle answers for Persona 5 Royal for now. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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