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Muv-Luv Developer’s Massive Anniversary Edition Released: Here’s What’s in The Big Box


Muv-Luv Developer’s Massive Anniversary Edition Released: Here’s What’s in The Big Box

Muv-Luv developer âge has launched its massive âge Archives 20th Box Edition, and we finally get to take a good look at the content of the big box.

While we had a list of the content and the developers showcased part of the items, this is the first time we actually get to see the whole thing.

Fans who purchased the box have been posting images on Twitter, and we also get to take a look at the sole Platinum Edition (courtesy of Twitter user ソールタイアー大輔) priced at approximately $2780.

We also see the card included in the Gold Edition numbered “2” (courtesy of Twitter user 有明分屯地売店/なのとら) which is the first printed among the five Gold Editions priced at approximately $1853.

On top of that, several Silver editions (limited to 100, priced at $927) and standard Blue editions (priced at “only” $370) were also showcased by Twitter users 喰断@マブラヴ, 斬咲龍刃(アグニカカイエル), ジョニー, Mhs(帝国斯衛軍仕様), ゆき, yokmas, 九条, へるめっとくらぶ, ム・アブラタニ@痛車制作計画中, しょお, 昂龍Pからの倒立土下座, 島流しさん(元祖), ヒロ@FK, 王子, キチ(ナ)ガイ, たけ, チャック, ろっく, and クオリア.

If you’re wondering, the reason behind the rater large pricetag is the fact the collection includes almost all the games released by âge since its foundation, and there is a ton of them. Of course, all the boxes also include a lot of bonuses for true fans, as you can see below.

The games are all on disks. There are no download codes, and it’s the first time that many of them run natively on Windows 10.

Thanks to ねくの, we learn that the box weighs almost 2.7 kilograms (which is nearly 6 pounds).

If you’re interested in Muv-Luv, you should also definitely read our interview with creator Kouki Yoshimune and producer Kazutoshi Matsumura packed with information on Muv-Luv: Integrate, Project Mikhail, Project Immortal, the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien reboot, the Alternative anime, and more.

Incidentally, Yoshimune-san recently revealed an updated version of another relevant image board for Muv-Luv Integrate, explained another showcasing a few custom TSF, one showing a dire situation in New York, and another focusing on heroines from past games, and one focusing on Yuuko Kouzuki.

We also have a detailed report of the 20th-anniversary event recently hosted in Tokyo, which was rich with announcements, including the reveal of Muv-Luv Integrate, the announcement of the action game code-named Project Mikhail, an update on Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After and on the Android version of the original trilogy, the tease of the reboot of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, and the announcement of the Muv-Luv Alternative anime.

A new online event will be hosted at the beginning of May replacing the developer’s participation at Comiket, which has been canceled.

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