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Call of Duty Warzone: Tips & Tricks to Win


Call of Duty Warzone: Tips & Tricks to Win

Warzone, Call of Duty’s new battle royale mode is finally out now. So that you can be the last person standing among the 150, here are our Warzone tips and tricks.

Find Cash, Save It, & Split It

Cash is pretty common throughout Verdansk. The floors and loot crates are full of piles that can be between $500 and $2000, and you pick it up automatically by just running over it. Just because it’s common though, that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Cash allows you do buy things from Buy Stations, some of which can be hugely helpful to getting that W.

For thousands of dollars, you can buy things like killstreaks and armor packs, get a self-revive for later in the match, or even bring squadmates back from the dead.

To get everything you might want though, you’ll need a lot of cash, so search for it, collect it, and complete Contracts when you can to get the bonuses they offer.

Also, if you’re playing with friends, don’t spend it all too early on things you don’t need. It’s worth saving some to spend on reviving them if and when you need to later in the match.

Finally, make sure that your squad has a decent share of the cash. Having one person with far too much can be an issue because, if they then die, the rest of the squad can’t afford to revive them from a Buy Station. Just make sure your cash reserves are split and you’ll have the best chance to living long enough to win.

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