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Bleeding Edge: How to Parry

parry bleeding edge

Bleeding Edge: How to Parry

Bleeding Edge, the latest from developer Ninja Theory, is a big departure from their previous work. In this cooperative brawler, teams of four will need to work together using unique character classes to complete objectives similar to other goal-oriented, class-based multiplayer titles from this gen. Although some characters focus on melee more than others, all of them can parry. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to parry in Bleeding Edge.

How to Parry in Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge is a game that is equal parts reliant on combat skill, but also team strategy. There isn’t a way for one dominant player to carry an entire team of players that aren’t holding their weight. Everyone has to pitch in.

Parrying, though, is one of the higher-skill moves in the game that any character can perform. Parrying blocks incoming damage fully, and can turn the tide on a close 1v1 when there is no healer present.

To parry in Bleeding Edge, you need to press RT as soon as an attack is about to hit. If you’re successful you’ll protect yourself. The catch though is that you cannot move while parrying otherwise you’ll do an evade move instead which costs Stamina.

As mentioned above, parrying in Bleeding Edge is easier said than done. There’s usually a lot going on around you at any time between regular attacks and special moves, especially in team fights, so trying to land a parry during all the chaos is definitely hard. If you can at least get it down though, for 1v1s, you’ll have a major advantage over someone who ignores it.

That’s all you need to know for how to parry in Bleeding Edge for the Xbox One. For more on Bleeding Edge, be sure to search our index of coverage including news, features, guides and more.

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