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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Animal Crossing New Horizons: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

It can be a bit intimidating to start a new life on a deserted island, especially when you’re the only human there. If you’re feeling a bit on edge about the whole transition, then check out these Animal Crossing New Horizons tips and tricks to get started out on the right foot.

Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks


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When you first make it to your deserted island, it can feel a bit lonely out there. You’ll have a few animal villagers to give you company along with Tom Nook and his sons. But moving to a new place is always a bit of an adjustment, even in a video game.

Explore the island and get to know the lay of the land. This will pay off in the long run once you have your map memorized. Don’t worry about getting it memorized right away though, since you’ll be there for a long time.

The point of doing this is to get out there and gather a mental list of helpful info like what fruit you have, where rocks are located, where your Plaza is, and more. Also, just take in the scenery while you do this. It’s the first time Animal Crossing is in HD so soak it all in.

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