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Madden 20: How to Use a QB Spy

qb spy madden 20

Madden 20: How to Use a QB Spy

In Madden 20 you have a lot of ways to customize your plays either ahead of time, or quickly after reading the defense before a play begins. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to use a QB Spy so you can keep an eye on a QB that is spending more time out of the pocket, than inside it. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Use a QB Spy in Madden 20

The QB Spy has been a classic and popular defensive tool for Madden players for quite some time. This is especially true online where players who don’t know how to properly utilize a QB Spy are punished offensively by the players who know how to use a quick, mobile QB.

The QB Spy puts a defensive player (usually a defensive lineman or linebacker) in charge of covering a small zone where they simply just keep an eye on where the QB is going, mimicking their actions, and will move to tackle them if they take off and run.

To use a QB Spy in Madden 20, simply open up the preplay and then go to change a specific player’s assignment. A lineman or linebacker is generally the best person to pick for this. You’ll want to flick the stick in the direction listed for a QB Spy (right analog stick to the left) and that will change that player’s assignment.

That’s really all there is for how to use a QB Spy in Madden 20. Obviously you’ll need to get a good feel for Madden 20 and your opponent to be able to know when to swap a player onto a QB Spy assignment, but that will come with practice. However, if you’re getting beat by QB runs over and over, it could be what helps swing the game in your favor if you use it right.

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