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BioShock Infinite: All Infusion Locations


BioShock Infinite: All Infusion Locations

While some of BioShock Infinite‘s Infusions are a cinch to find, others are hidden within the game’s surprisingly big levels or behind elusive puzzles. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to find every Infusion’s location in BioShock Infinite.

All Infusion Locations in BioShock Infinite

There are a total of 24 Infusions to track down in BioShock Infinite’s base game, along with five more that can be obtained through DLC or as a bonus in the BioShock: The Collection version of the game.

The majority can be picked up along the way as you play through the main story, but some are found on the outskirts of certain levels or hidden behind the Cipher puzzles you’ll encounter from time to time.

We’ve listed each one with some screenshots of where they’re located below, along with some instructions on how to reach them. This does not include the five bonus Infusions from the Collection version however, as they’re all given to the player at the start of the game.

Also worth noting is that many of these Infusions become inaccessible if you proceed too far into the game, so it’s best to grab them as soon as you have the chance.

Where to Find Infusion #1

BioShock Infinite: All Infusion Locations

The first Infusion in BioShock Infinite is found at the Fraternal Order of the Ravens, on their main alter. Even better, it aligns with the main story, so it’s hard to miss.

Continue along with the main story mission until you reach the Fraternal Order. Head inside, and after you defeat the Order members within, head toward their main altar on the lower level of the building. The Infusion will be on the right side of the alter next to an open book, on top of a key that you’ll need to get the next Infusion.

Where to Find Infusion #2 in BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite: All Infusion Locations

The next Infusion is in a chest hidden in the Landsdowe Residence. This one’s easy to miss; the only way into the Landsdowe Residence is through a balcony accessed via repositioning yourself on a Sky Hook, and you won’t be able to obtain the Infusion without the key found under the first Infusion.

Grab the key found under the first Infusion, and then backtrack out of the Fraternal Order of the Crows building. Head back toward the house you went through where the couple offered you a safe passage. Go back out to their balcony, and then look for the Freight Hook that allowed you to reach it during the main game.

Jump back up onto the Freight Hook, and then look down. There should be another balcony you can jump down onto, hidden from view unless you’re heading backward.

BioShock Infinite: All Infusion Locations

Jump down onto the balcony, and then proceed down into the house. Eventually, you’ll come to a bedroom with a chest bearing the Fraternal Order of the Raven’s crest. Use the key you got at the Order to unlock it, and the second Infusion will be inside.

Where to Find Infusion #3

The third Infusion is hidden in a way station along the Sky Line leading to Monument Island.

First, proceed through the game until you come to the aforementioned Sky Line. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you see the sign to your right indicating it as such.

BioShock Infinite: All Infusion Locations

Jump onto the Sky Line and ride it until you see a platform to your left, leading into a way station. There should be two soldiers standing guard on it. Jump down and take care of them, and then head inside the station. Hug the right wall until you come to an opening, and then head into the opening.

This will take you into a storage room, and the Infusion will be in the back on top of a desk.

Where to Find Infusion #4 in BioShock Infinite

The fourth Infusion is found in Monument Tower, though it’s easy to miss if you’re moving too quickly through the location.

Proceed through the tower until you come to a room with a massive electric machine. It’ll have a desk and a chalkboard in front of it, and the chalkboard will have the words “Facility Unsafe” written on it in yellow.

Look behind the right side of the desk to find the Infusion.

Where to Find Infusion #5

Next up is the fifth Infusion. It can be found in the ticket master’s office after you survive the soldiers’ sneak attack.

Once the attack subsides and Elizabeth runs off, head up the stairs to the right and then turn left toward a hallway. This will take you to the ticketing station’s rear entrance. Head inside, and then make your way back toward the ticketing desk. The Infusion will be to your right, on top of a desk and below a large clock.

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