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Bioshock 2: All Trophies & Achievements Guide

Bioshock 2, All Trophies and Achievements Guide

Bioshock 2: All Trophies & Achievements Guide

Most of Bioshock 2‘s Trophies and Achievements are easy enough to get your hands on by playing the game, but others are hidden until you get them or require a bit of leg work. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out what all the Trophies and Achievements in BioShock 2 are and how to get them.

Every Trophy and Achievement in Bioshock 2

There are a total of 54 Trophies and Achievements in Bioshock 2. 39, including the Platinum Trophy, can be earned from the base game; 7 can be earned from the Protector’s Trials DLC; and 8 can be earned from the Minerva’s Den DLC.

We’ve listed all of the Trophies and Achievements below along with an explanation for how to earn them. However, it should be noted that some are tied to story elements from the game and DLC, so be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

Trophy/AchievementHow to Get it
Platinum TrophyUnlock every other Trophy in the Bioshock 2 (PS4 only).
Big Brass BallsBeat the game on any difficulty without using Vita-Chambers.
Grand DaddyDefeat three Big Daddies without dying during the fights.
Dealt With Every Little SisterFind and Save or Harvest every Little Sister in the game.
Master GathererGather 600 Adam with the Little Sisters.
Against All OddsFinish the game on the hardest difficulty level.
Rapture HistorianFind 100 Audio Diaries (note: this is less than the total number of Audio Diaries in Bioshock 2).
All PlasmidsFind or purchase all 11 different Plasmid types.
All Weapon UpgradesFind and use every Power to the People weapon upgrade station in the game (14 total).
Big SpenderSpend 2,000 dollars at the Vending Machines.
Bought a SlotBuy One Plasmid or Tonic Slot at a Gatherer’s Garden.
First ResearchResearch a Splicer with the Research Camera.
Fully Upgraded a PlasmidFully upgrade a Plasmid to its Level 3 version.
Fully Upgraded a WeaponUse a Power to the People Station to upgrade a weapon a third and final time.
Look at You, HackerKill 50 enemies using only hacked Security (Turrets, Cameras, Bots, etc.)
Master HackerHack 30 Machines at a distance with the Hack Tool.
Master ProtectorGet through an Adam Gather without any enemies reaching the Little Sister.
Max Plasmid SlotsBuy the maximum number of Plasmid Slots.
One Research TrackFully research one type of enemy.
Prolific HackerHack one of each kind of machine.
Research MasterFully Research every type of enemy in the game.
Trap MasterKill 30 enemies using only Traps (Trap Rivets, Electric Wires, etc.).
Upgraded a WeaponUpgrade a weapon at any of the Power to the People stations in Bioshock 2.
EscapeEscaped Rapture (Finish the game on any difficulty).
ReunionReunited with your original Little Sister.
SaviorSave every Little Sister in the game.
9-IronyPay your respects to the founder of Rapture (Hit Andrew Ryan animatronic with a golf club using Telekenesis).
Adopted a Little SisterAdopt a Little Sister for the first time.
Confronted GraceConfront Lamb’s Lieutenant in Pauper’s Drop.
CounterattackUse an enemy’s own projectile (grenades, thrown object, etc.) to kill them.
Daddy’s HomeFind your way back into the ruins of Rapture.
Defeated the PreacherDefeat Simon Wales in Siren Alley.
Distance HackerUse the Hack Tool to hack an object (Door control, Turret, etc.) at a distance.
Found Lamb’s HideoutGain access to Lamb’s Stronghold.
Heading to the SurfaceHead to the surface on the side of Sinclair’s Escape Pod.
Nose for NewsUncover the Secret of Dionysus Park.
ProtectorDefend yourself against Lamb’s assault in the train station.
Sinclair’s SolutionJoin forces with Sinclair in Ryan Amusements.
UnbreakableDefend yourself against the Big Sister without dying.
Enemy of the FamilyEarn an A rank in all of the Bioshock 2 Protector Trials.
Get a Bigger BucketCollect 50 percent of the Adam available in all of the Protector Trials.
Perfect ProtectorCollect 100 Percent of the Adam in a single Protector Trial.
Trial by FireEarn 36 Stars in the Protector Trials.
Acid TestEarn 18 Stars in the Protector Trials.
Litmus TestEarn six Stars in the Protector Trials.
Guardian AngelComplete all bonus Protector Trials.
Adam AddictSave or Harvest all of the Little Sisters in Minerva’s Den.
Garbage CollectionDestroy all 10 Vacuum Bots in Minerva’s Den.
Lancer KillerKill a Lancer Big Daddy.
LoginReach Rapture Central Computing Operations.
LogoutEscape Minerva’s Den.
Root Access GrantedReach Computer Core Access.
SUDOTake control of The Thinker from Reed Wahl.
High ScoreGet 9,999 points in one game of Spitfire.

Hopefully this makes getting every Trophy and Achievement in Bioshock 2 a little easier. For more on the Bioshock series, check out the news from last year that a new entry is currently in development, as well as our list of ways the next entry can bring the series back in a big way.

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