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Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore: How to Start EX Stories

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore: How to Start EX Stories

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore is a re-release and enhanced port of the original Wii U JRPG for the Nintendo Switch. Along with all the previously released DLCs being packed into the Switch version, there’s also some new content to dive into. Here’s how to start the EX Stories in Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore.

How to Start EX Stories in Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore

EX Stories, or Extra Stories as they’re sometimes referred to in the game, are basically new optional missions you can take on in the middle of the main campaign.

They’ve been added exclusively for the Switch version, and they provide some new content and story bits to flesh out the characters a little bit more.

There are new dungeons to explore, new treasure chests to open, and quite a lot of new dialogue exchanges between Itsuki and the rest of the cast. It’s completely optional, but definitely worth diving into if you want a break from the main dungeons, or just want to learn more about the diverse cast of characters.

EX Stories will start being available to you once you hit chapter 3. Tiki will call you into the Bloom Palace, and inform you that a new area has opened up.

Within the Bloom Palace, examine the dungeon entrance where you’d normally go to access the EXP dungeons, and choose the Area of Aspiration option. This will start the first EX Story, and you’ll unlock more as you complete them.

To recap, here’s how to start EX Stories in Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore:

  1. Progress through the main story until you reach chapter 3.

  2. Go to the Bloom Palace and talk to Tiki to unlock EX Stories.

  3. Examine the dungeon entrance in the Bloom Palace and select the Area of Aspiration option to get started.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock EX Stories in Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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