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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Beat Raditz


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Beat Raditz

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot lets you relive some of the best fights from the franchise, this time playing through them with an action-RPG combat system. All of the iconic villains of the anime appear, and that means the first one you face off against is Raditz, Goku’s long lost brother. Here’s how to beat Raditz in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Raditz in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Raditz is the very first boss you’ll encounter in Kakarot, and as such, you won’t have access to many abilities or improvements yet. You have a limited amount of options for the fight, and there are actually two parts to it, with the second being much more difficult.

Preparing For Battle

Before you jump into the battle, make sure you’ve bought at least a few Vita Drinks and assigned them to the palette. You can buy these by heading to any Grocer, marked by the little orange fruit icon on the map. There’s one in the North of the area you’re currently in, Southeast Mountains Area, specifically in Orange City.

Once you have the items open the main menu and go to the Items tab. Pick the item you want and then press X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to assign it to the palette. Now during battle press and hold any direction on the D-Pad to bring up the item palette and then hit the corresponding face button.

Fighting Raditz

As we said earlier, the fight with Raditz is split into two phases.

First Phase

The first phase should go by pretty quickly, as you’re actually not even supposed to win the battle. You have Piccolo along to help, so make sure to remember to use his assist by holding down RB on Xbox One or R1 on PS4.

Move in with some melee combos when you can, but be careful of when Raditz turns red as he’s about to use a strong melee attack. This happens with pretty much every enemy in the game. Don’t bother using your Surge here, so just save it for the next fight if your bar fills up.

Get his health bar down a couple levels and you’ll be onto the next one.

Second Phase

Now things get trickier as Piccolo is no longer with you, and Raditz has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Let’s go over what you need to watch out for.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here’s how to beat Raditz.

  1. Don’t get greedy with your attacks.

    Alternate attacking with your own combos and using LT on Xbox One or L2 on PS4 to defend. At any time only hit Raditz with a few punches or one Super Attack, as he’ll easily punish you if your combo is too long.

  2. When Raditz glows red dodge away or guard immediately, to block the incoming melee attack.

    If you can back away far enough you can avoid his attack and get him in prime position to get hit with one of your Kamehamehas.

  3. When Raditz fires purple energy balls at you, try guarding.

    They’re tough to avoid, although it can be done, so you’ll want to minimize the damage. Be careful later in the fight though, as he’ll follow a barrage up with a kick that can break your guard, so you’ll need to do a dodge at the end.

  4. The absolute number one attack you need to watch out for is Raditz’s Double Sunday, start dodging immediately when he does.

    At this point you need to start spamming the dodge button. The two beams will travel in a circular motion and you need to dodge up or down based on the trajectory of the beam. You need to move fast, so don’t be afraid to abuse the dodge button.

  5. Once Raditz has used Double Sunday, activate your Surge and charge in for a long combo linked with a Super Attack.

    This is the biggest window of opportunity you have for attack, so make sure to use it.

  6. Just keep chipping away at Raditz’s health bar and make sure to avoid the attacks we’ve talked about.

Hopefully, with those tips you have a better idea of how to beat Raditz in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. For even more walkthroughs make sure to check out our Dragon Ball Z Kakarot guide wiki. While you’re still fresh in the game we have a few other articles you might want to check out, like tips and tricks for beginners, or how to level fast.

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