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7 Most Underrated Games of 2019


7 Most Underrated Games of 2019

So many games release in a year that it’s pretty impossible to keep up with every single one. Knowing which ones are worth your cash can certainly help, but sometimes games just don’t get the credit they deserve. Well, here are our picks for the most underrated games of 2019.

Tetris 99

Underrated Games of 2019

Underrated games 2019

Before you all start screaming at us in the comments, at least hear us out on this one. Tetris is the puzzle game. The grandmaster flash of ‘one more go’ gameplay, and Tetris 99 basically gave it a big ol’ fresh lick of paint to bring it into the current generation.

To do so, developer Arika basically turned the classic block-rotating puzzler into a battle royale title. Players face off against 98 others, with rows you clear being pushed over to other players. Last player standing is the winner.

On top of that, Tetris 99 also has a number of additional modes. There’s an Endless mode for those just wanting to play Solo, and there’s also Big Block DLC and plenty of Statistics you can track, too.

Tetris 99 is a perfect game for the Switch. Being able to play the classic puzzler on-the-go whenever you want is a god-send, and the added twist of the battle royale mode means you’ve always got a means of testing your skills against others.

Sadly, Tetris 99 won’t get the love it deserves. Having only been available for Nintendo Online Membership owners to begin with, those not bothered about online play would have missed it altogether.

While it did get a physical, standalone release a few months back, it wasn’t enough to reinvigorate attention in it. At least not the amount that a battle royale Tetris game deserves dammit!

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