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Living Next to a Pokemon Gym in the Galar Region Must Be Terrible

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Living Next to a Pokemon Gym in the Galar Region Must Be Terrible

Imagine it. You just got home from working a grueling 14-hour shift at the Galarian Pokemon Center and for the majority of the day, you’ve only been thinking of how soft your bed and pillow will be at the end of the night. You have not gotten much sleep as of late and you have an early shift at 7 am the next morning –you can blame the nurse for calling out.

You finally get home to the town of Turffield and you lie in bed with your sleep mask after having a nice cup of Pokemon Tea with your Sinistea and you’re just about to fade away until you hear the sound of a cheering crowd and the moans and groans of a Dynamaxing Pikachu.

“Another gym battle? At this time of night?”

Living next to a gym in the Galar region has got to be the worst. I would recommend moving somewhere more calm, like the Kanto region or maybe the Johto region. I hear Ecruteak city is quite nice, especially since that tower burned down.

This video on Reddit from ceylin1 perfectly encapsulates how living in the Galar region would probably feel like:

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