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Destiny 2: Saint 14’s Ghost Location; Impossible Task Quest (Pictures)

saint 14 ghost, destiny 2

Destiny 2: Saint 14’s Ghost Location; Impossible Task Quest (Pictures)

The quest to revive Saint 14 continues in Season of Dawn and if you’ve got to the point where you have to plant all of the transponders and are now looking for Saint 14’s ghost location then you might be a little stumped. It’s understandable as the maps in Destiny 2 aren’t always helpful, especially on Nessus. Here’s where to find the location of Saint 14’s ghost during the Impossible Task quest in Destiny 2.

Saint 14 Ghost Location in Destiny 2

Saint 14, as most players who have progressed this far into the new Season of Dawn questline have probably surmised, was/is a legendary Titan that, prior to this season, has been stuck in time/dead for a while now.

Osiris, not one to shy away from messing with time, has tried to bring him back from the dead but has failed, but we’re taking up the challenge.

During the Impossible Task quest line, you’re asked to go to Nessus and plant transponders around the planet in an effort to narrow down the location of Saint 14’s ghost, which has unexpectedly begun transmitting a distress signal.

The location on the map that Destiny 2 gives you is very misleading. The instinct that perhaps you and many players might have is to go to Artifact’s Edge and head towards the path that leads near the Black Armory forge, but that’s actually incorrect.

What you want to do is head to The Cistern’s landing zone instead and from there if you work towards the point that is marked on your map, the path should be clear. To make it simpler, check out the photos below to help guide you towards the entrance of the path you’ll need to follow.

saint 14 ghost location

Once you have entered the nook above, the path towards Saint 14’s ghost is quite linear at this point. Work your way through the vex until you reach the room below, and from there the map marker will be easily visible.

Head towards the Vex gate with the beam shining through it and jump through to enter the final location and find Saint 14’s ghost.

That’s all you need to know for how to find Saint 14’s ghost in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn for the Impossible Task questline. You’re not done of course, but it is an impossible task after all, so you probably already knew that.

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