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Best Action-Adventure Games of 2019

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Best Action-Adventure Games of 2019

We can’t close the book on 2019 without wrapping things up with our annual award ceremony here at Twinfinite. We’re taking a look at the best action-adventure game of 2019, honoring the titles that have shone brightest and crowning one the year’s best.

Voted on by our editors, the following games stand tall as exemplary titles that both entertained us and/or pushed the genre forward in meaningful ways.

Best Action-Adventure Games 2019

Honorable Mention: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Features Editor Greysun Morales: FromSoftware’s new IP, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, sort of steered away from the RPG components that people were familiar with in Dark Souls and went towards the more fast-paced action route that made players focus more on parrying than anything else.

Exploring the gorgeous setting of Feudal Japan and encountering strange and powerful creatures and other humans really made it feel like a wondrous fantasy world that was full of unexpected surprises and the combat truly sticks in your mind even after months of playing it.

There was no better feeling than hitting that button and successfully parrying against a deadly sword attack from an enemy and then proceed to perform a Mikiri Counter to deal damage.

With each swing of the blade and each swift movement, fighting any enemy was more than just hacking and slashing away –you really have to think about what your next move is while also carefully anticipating the next move from your opponent.

Sekiro is a game all about precision and balance and stamina and just being aware of your surroundings. Everything it tries to do is executed quite effortlessly and it may seem like a simple ninja action game from the outside, but once you jump in, you will soon start to realize that it’s much more than that. Sekiro’s slick combat is the definition of satisfying and the challenge that it presents to players is delightfully balanced.

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