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4 Reasons Why You Should Play Life Is Strange 2 Now

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4 Reasons Why You Should Play Life Is Strange 2 Now

All of the Episodes Are Finally Out

life is strange 2, reasons to play, dontnod, square enix

Dontnod and Square Enix, after over a year, have finally released all five episodes of their episodic adventure game, Life is Strange 2, and boy has it been quite the wait.

As someone who started playing episode by episode since September of 2018, being given this narrative via a slow IV drip has just been the worst. Whenever a new episode would launch, I would happily turn on my PS4 to download it, only to be very confused by where we were at with the story.

“What happened? What big decision did I make? I did that?! No way!” When an episode of a game releases every two months or so, that’s fine but Life is Strange 2’s release schedule has been a mess but it’s finally all here for everyone to jump in and binge.

Episode 5 has just dropped so it’s actually the best time to start Sean and Daniel’s politically-charged adventure that will make you feel like the worst (or best) older sibling.

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