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10 JRPGs Coming in 2020 to Be on the Lookout For


10 JRPGs Coming in 2020 to Be on the Lookout For

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (Jan. 17)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions was a brilliant JRPG that, sadly, didn’t get the chance it deserved on the Wii U. That’s all about to change when Encore releases on the Switch in January.

Developed by the Persona team, Tokyo Mirage Sessions casts you as a group of aspiring idols in Tokyo, who coincidentally also fight off otherworldly beings by using Mirages, who are the spirits of Fire Emblem characters.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions has a phenomenal sense of style, just like the Persona games, and the bright poppy aesthetic permeates through the entire games.

Combat combines elements of both Persona and Fire Emblem, using the weakness system of the former and the weapon triangle of the latter.

Combine all this with a fantastic soundtrack and strong character development and you have what will undoubtedly be one of the best JRPGs on the Switch yet.

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