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Pokemon Sword & Shield: What the Max Level Cap Is

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: What the Max Level Cap Is

Pokemon Sword & Shield is the latest generation in the long-running series from Game Freak. While there is lots of changes across the board, there are certainly many familiar gameplay elements as well. For example, there’s always a level cap for all Pokemon and Sword and Shield is no different. Let’s go over what the max level cap is in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Max Level Cap in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Let’s cut right to the chase, the max level cap in Pokemon Sword & Shield is the same as it has always been going all the way back to the classic original games, Red and Blue: Level 100.

Once you reach level 100, your Pokemon will stop gaining EXP, will no longer gain any levels and will also not learn any other new moves aside from ones that you teach them via TMs, or the move reminder.

You can still breed them, battle them, and use them for pretty much anything you want, but they are just capped out at level 100.

Keep in mind, while level 100 is the max level cap in game, some online competitive battles may restrict your Pokemon’s level cap to 50. In fact, if you’re less than level 50, you’ll even be brought up to 50 temporarily for the battle.

This is done to keep a level playing field and when the battle is over, your Pokemon will return to level 100 or whatever it was prior to starting. You’ll still have all moves, even ones you learned over level 50 in your moveset even if your level is ever changed temporarily for any reason. So don’t worry.

What the Max Level Cap is in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Level 100.

It’s rare that you ever need to be level 100 to do anything in Pokemon games, including Sword and Shield. It’s more of an accomplishment than anything else, but it’s still something to shoot for and be proud of.

That’s all you need to know for what the max level cap is in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered, be sure to visit our Sword & Shield wiki guide.

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