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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Use Box Link

how to use box link in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Use Box Link

One of the most useful new features added into the new generation is the Box Link, which ability to access your Pokemon box from just about anywhere. Previous entries in the series required trudging to a Pokemon center and using the PC to access non-party Pokemon.

The Box Link is a handy tool, but using it isn’t exactly clear from the start considering how key items have always worked. Here is how to use the box link in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

How to Use Box Link in Pokemon Sword & Shield

You won’t acquire the Box Link until you have traveled around a little and left your hometown by train.

Once you are just about to enter your first wild area, Sonia will come up to you and after giving you an expected little speech, will gift you the Box Link and send you on your way into the daunting wild area.

The Box Link doesn’t behave as key items have in the past. You aren’t expected to go into your key items pocket of your bag every time you want to use it. The Box Link doesn’t have to be bound to select if you want to use it.

To actually use the Box Link, simply hit R when viewing your current party.

Pokemon Sword & Shield warn you that you shouldn’t rely too heavily on the Box Link, as there are situations in which the Box Link will fail to function and your party will be all you have.

Here is a summary for those who want the quick version of how to use Box Link in Pokemon Sword & Shield

  1. Progress into the story to point where you leave by train.

  2. Acquire Box Link from Sonia.

  3. Press R when viewing your Pokemon Party from the menu.

This is all you must do to now know how to use the Box Link in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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