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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Sun Stone & What It’s Used For


Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Sun Stone & What It’s Used For

There are a bunch of items you’ll be able to add to your Bag in Pokemon Sword & Shield and the Sun Stone is one of them. Perhaps it’s eluded you up until now, or maybe you’re just wondering what the heck it’s used for. Well, here’s how to get Sun Stone in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Getting the Sun Stone in Pokemon Sword & Shield

The way to get yourself a free Sun Stone can be done by simply making your way to the Dusty Bowl section of the Wild Area. This can be found just south of Hammerlocke.

pokemon sword sun stone location

We used the Flying Taxi to go to the Hammerlocke Hills fast travel point just north of the Dusty Bowl. From here, simply go down the hill and look for the large rocks that form arches by some bare-looking trees.

pokemon sword and shield sun stone location

Just under here, you’ll spot a Poke Ball. Go over to it and press A to nab yourself a Sun Stone.

Farming Sun Stones

There is another place where all evolution stones will frequently spawn and respawn once they’re taken. This requires you to push further through the game until you’ve obtained the upgrade to get the water Rotom bike.

Once you do, head to Hammerlocke Hills again and ride right. Cross the river until you reach the Lake of Outrage.

In the center of this area you’ll find a bunch of large rocks sticking out the ground in a circle. There are eight of these rocks, and behind each one is an evolution stone waiting to be grabbed. A Sun Stone can also be obtained here.

What Pokemon Sword & Shield Sun Stones Are Used For

The Sun Stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon in Sword and Shield:

  • Cottonee – Whimsicott
  • Gloom – Bellossom
  • Helioptile – Heliolisk

Using the Sun Stone

To do so, simply press X to open up the menu and select the Bag. From here, choose the Sun Stone from ‘Other Items’ and select the Pokemon you want to evolve. Let the animation finish, and you’ve got a more powerful ‘mon just like that.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Sun Stone in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Head over to our guide wiki for more tips and tricks, or check out more of our guides below.

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