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Pokemon Sword & Shield: All Move Tutor Locations


Pokemon Sword & Shield: All Move Tutor Locations

Move Tutors are now staples in the series that appear in nearly every Pokemon game. There are four Move Tutors in generation VIII. Read on to find out all the Move Tutor locations in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

All Move Tutor Locations in Pokemon Sword & Shield


The first Move Tutor can teach Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge He’s found in Hammerlocke, the location of the final gym.

Your adventure will take you to this city far before you can challenge the leader. You’ll be in Hammerlocke after collecting your third badge.

Once inside, follow the road to the left, past a clothing store, and cross a drawbridge. Continue left, then head down, right before the second drawbridge. The Move Tutor will be at the bottom of some steps.

Here he is below:

Pokemon Move Tutors


The next Move Tutor in Pokemon Sword & Shield is able to teach your Pokemon Draco Meteor. He can be accessed after obtaining your fifth gym badge. Circhester is home to the sixth gym.

The first time you enter the city, you’ll come from Route 8. Once inside, turn right, then go forwards into the open bath house in the distance. The tutor will be on the left of the pool.

Here’s a picture for reference:

Pokemon Move Tutors


Move Tutor number three can teach your starter Pokemon Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon. He’s located in Galar’s northernmost city, Wyndon.

Wyndon can only be reached after gathering all eight gym badges. Upon entering the city from Route 10, head right, and follow the path north. There’ll be a park on your right.

Turn right, into the park’s second entrance. The tutor will be watching two trainers battle at the north end of the park.

Pokemon Move Tutors


The final Move Tutor will teach a move that’s new to Pokemon Sword & Shield: Steel Beam. He can be found back in Motostoke, but he’ll only teach this move once you become Champion.

To find him, enter the city from the Wild Area to the south, then head straight to the city’s huge gear.

Once in front of Motostoke Stadium, head left until you see an alleyway to the south, just left of the Budew Drop Inn. From there, continue south, and descend the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find the last Move Tutor. Here’s his location:

Pokemon Move Tutors

Those are all the details you’ll need on the locations of every Move Tutor in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you’re looking for more tips on the game, check out our Wiki as well as the guides below:

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