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Indivisible: How to Heal Your Health

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Indivisible: How to Heal Your Health

Indivisible is an incredibly unique little RPG, fusing elements of platformers with turn-based RPGs. You’ll be fighting a lot of enemies while playing through the game, and considering how long some battles can be, you’ll need to know how to keep your health up. With that, here’s how to heal your health in Indivisible.

How to Heal Your Health in Indivisible

Whenever you run into an enemy on the field a battle will start, and unfortunately, there’s no way to flee the battle so you’re there until you win, or you lose.

Battles can last a long time in Indivisible, as enemies have a lot of health, so you need to keep your own health up. Luckily, there are a few ways of doing so.

Your ability to heal is generally dependent on which characters are in your party. However, Ajna has the ability to restore the party at any given time and, of course, she’s always in your party.

As long as you have as least one gauge of your Iddhi Meter full, you can press L1+R1 (LB+RB) to use Ajna’s focus ability which will heal the entire party, and revive any KOd characters.

Outside of using focus, you need to use each character’s respective healing ability. For example, Ginseng & Honey can restore the entire party by using their up attack, and boost the power of their healing with their standard attack.

Other characters, like Thorani, have a bit more of a roundabout way of healing. Thorani drops puddles on the ground whenever she attacks or successfully blocks. Her up attack then activates these puddles which will either damage enemies standing on them, or heal allies that are.

Razmi, on the other hand, can only heal the party by using her special attack that uses the Iddhi Meter.

While Ajna can restore the party herself, you always want one other character with healing abilities in your party. Indivisible can get quite difficult, so make sure you have a way of healing your characters in longer battles.

That’s everything you need to know about how to heal your health in Indivisible. For even more tips and guides, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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