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7 Video Game Sequels That Caught Us by Surprise


7 Video Game Sequels That Caught Us by Surprise

Sometimes, a sequel is so much better than the original that it leaves your jaw on the floor, in awe of how much better the game is in every regard. That’s the only way to describe these seven video game sequels that caught us by surprise.

Borderlands 2

When it comes to sizable leaps in quality from one game to another, few exemplify how to do it like Borderlands 2.

Upon its release, the first Borderlands was met with generally positive reviews. However, the consensus was that it didn’t do enough to stand out from the pack of similar first-person RPGs, only barely setting itself apart with its sense of humor and wealth of guns to choose from.

Fast forward to the release of Borderlands 2 though, and almost all of these issues were addressed in abundance.

Throwing subtlety out the window, the game dove headfirst into the comedy and writing that were trying to peak through in the original game. Characters’ personalities were given more room to breathe in all of their outlandish glory, and the world of Pandora was able to shine as a haven for foul language, outlandish jokes and utter insanity.

That’s to say nothing of the gameplay. Whereas the original had fairly standard first person shooter action, the second game offered an infinitely more diverse array of options for dispatching foes.

Thousands of guns were at players’ disposal; each character had skills and abilities that made each one’s playthrough feel diverse; and the bosses thrown at players put twists on the usual approach of “sprint toward an enemy and fire until they’re dead.”

Needless to say, people were much more pleased with Borderlands 2 than the original. It was and continues to be heaped with praise, and is regarded as the entry that came out of nowhere to put the franchise on the map.

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