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12 Best Halloween 2019 Events in Games


12 Best Halloween 2019 Events in Games

Overwatch: Halloween Terror

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Blizzard has a good thing going for it in Overwatch’s Halloween Terror. Until Nov. 4, you can participate (once again) in Junkenstein’s Revenge, one of Overwatch’s few PvE modes. And as always, this mode pits teams of players against hordes of zombie robots.

However, the meat of Halloween Terror is the special Halloween skins. You can earn plenty of returning favorites, such as Cultist Zenyatta and Dragon Symmetra, as well as some brand new skins like Demon Orisa and Warlock Ashe (and B.O.B.).

Best of all, this year’s Halloween Terror features weekly challenges that reward participants with new icons, sprays, and skins, including Demon Hunter Sombra. If you ever wanted to earn a skin that was previously exclusive to BlizzCon ticket holders, you better start winning those multiplayer matches.

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