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Best Racing Games of All Time, Ranked

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Best Racing Games of All Time, Ranked

Racing games have come a long way since 1974’s Gran Trak 10, with the genre now being filled with graphically stellar and diverse options. Whether you’re a rally fan, an F1 nut, or a connoisseur of big red shells, racing games have something that appeals to everyone.

Narrowing down the best racing games is difficult, but Twinfinite has propped the hood, taken a good look, and ranked the top 10 racing games of all time.

10) MotorStorm

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Remember MotorStorm? The series was something of a killer app for the PlayStation 3 near the start of the console generation, but the series sadly fizzled out of existence following a succession of pretty mediocre releases.

However, the first MotorStorm is still something special and was, perhaps, the first release of that generation that got racing game fans excited. Graphically, the game still looks amazing 13 years on, matching arcade-style gameplay with the chaotic nature of off-road racing.

With a mix of different vehicles that included bikes, quads, cars, and trucks, each track had multiple layers to it, with smaller ones being able to make use of narrow shortcuts and jumps, and the bigger vehicles being adept at tackling rockier terrains.

MotorStorm was controlled chaos and, as a result, it was pure fun. Here’s hoping for a remaster soon.

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