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Zelda Link’s Awakening: Story Summary & Ending Explained

link's awakening story summary and ending explained

Zelda Link’s Awakening: Story Summary & Ending Explained

Link’s Awakening might not be as plot-heavy and narrative-driven as say a game like Breath of the Wild, but there are still some deep plot elements that make this game as memorable as anything else. Here’s the story summary and ending explanations for Link’s Awakening.

Spoiler Warning:

Obviously, this Link’s Awakening story summary is, you know, going to go through the entire plot of the game and spoil the story moments as well as the ending. Turn away now if you don’t want it to be ruined for you.

Story Summary and Ending Explained for Link’s Awakening

Washed Up on Koholint Island

Link’s Awakening opens up with our green tunic-wearing hero on a voyage in the middle of the ocean. After a brutal thunderstorm and strong waves knocks Link unconscious, he awakens to find himself on the shore of a mysterious island, where a young girl named Marin finds him washed up and then proceeds to bring him back to her house in Mabe Village.

He wakes up again in Marin’s bed and confuses her for Princess Zelda for a short moment but she corrects him and says that he’s probably still woozy from the crash, and also tells him that he’s on Koholint Island.

She wants Link to go back to the shore to find his sword and also mentions that there have been monsters popping up over the island ever since Link showed up.

Once he finds his sword, he’s greeted by an owl who can speak. He mentions to Link that the only way for him to leave the island is by waking up the Wind Fish. This then starts Link on a quest to find all eight of the musical instruments.

Not much story stuff happens until the latter part of the game but there is an important scene later on with Marin that has the both of them sitting down on Toronbo Shores.

Marin really wanted to speak to Link and this is what she tells him: “When I discovered you, Link, my heart skipped a beat! I thought, this person has come to give us a message.

If I was a seagull, I would fly as far as I could. I would fly to faraway places and sing for many people! If I wish to the Wind Fish, I wonder if my dream will come true…

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