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Untitled Goose Game: How to Break the Broom

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Untitled Goose Game: How to Break the Broom

Untitled Goose Game is a puzzle-oriented title that doesn’t hold your hand. The game provides numerous vague objectives, but you must figure out how to complete them by honking and picking up objects. One such mission is “break the broom,” which will no doubt stump many players because geese aren’t known for their broom-shattering strength.

Here is a quick and dirty guide on how to break the broom in Untitled Goose Game.

Where to Find the Broom

The broom is located at the woman’s shopping stall in High Street. If you try to steal anything from the stall or even approach it, the owner will grab her broom and try to sweep you away. After all, everyone knows geese are deathly afraid of brooms.

How to Break the Broom

To break the broom, you need to get your hands/bill on it first. Your best bet is to distract the woman who owns the stall —usually with an object pilfered from another part of the map— and then drag the broom away when she’s not looking. But don’t drag it too far; you ironically need a hand from the broom’s owner to complete the objective.

Alternatively, you can always wait for the woman to try to shoo you away and then grab the broom —if you’re feeling brave, that is.

Once you and the woman have a firm grip on the broom, it’s time to engage in a good old tug of war. Just keep pulling for a few seconds and don’t let go. The broom’s head will pop off eventually.

Congratulations; the broom is now broken, and you are free to pillage the woman’s stall unharassed

To summarize, in order to break the broom in Untitled Goose Game:

  1. Find the broom at the woman’s stall in High Street.

  2. Grab the broom either by distracting the woman or by forcing her to shoo you away with it.

  3. Tug on the broom while the woman also holds it until it breaks.

That’s all you need to know about how to break the broom in Untitled Goose Game. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite or read more of our guides down below.

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