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Code Vein: What to Do With Damage Report

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Code Vein: What to Do With Damage Report

Code Vein is a game with a lot of little secrets and side activities to partake in. As you’d expect in a Souls-like, many of these require a bit of figuring out or piecing things together, like how you randomly find an item called Damage Report. Of course, we’re here to help you figure out what to do with the Damage Report in Code Vein.

What to Do With the Damage Report in Code Vein

While you’re making your way through the Cathedral of Sacred Blood, an area around the middle of the game, you’ll stumble upon the Damage Report just after the second Mistle of the area.

Now in order to use it you’ll actually need to head to another area, the Dried-Up Trench that you visited earlier. Head to the very first Mistle at the entrance and then walk straight ahead to see a Revenant standing there.

Talk to the Revenant, named Gustav, and you can give him the Damage Report for his investigation into Silva and the government. As a reward you’ll get a Loss Shard (L), which you can use for some extra Haze.

There are other items to give Gustav for this sidequest, but the only other one we’ve found is the Project Evaluation, in the City of Falling Flame area.

Feel free to drop any other items you find in the comments down below, and we’ll make sure to update this article if we find any more ourselves.

To summarize what to do with the Damage Report in Code Vein:

  1. Find the damage point near the second Mistle in the Cathedral of Sacred Blood.

  2. Head to the Dried-Up Trench area and spawn at the first Mistle by the entrance.

  3. Go forward and talk to Gustav, who will give you a Loss Shard (L) for the report, and let you start his sidequest.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with the Damage Report in Code Vein.

For even more tips and guides make sure to search Twinfinite or check our guide wiki. You can also check out a selection of other guides down below.

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