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Civilization VI: How to Play Battle Royale Mode


Civilization VI: How to Play Battle Royale Mode

So, uhh, Civilization VI has a battle royale mode. No, seriously, it does. While this totally comes off as an early April Fool’s joke, the game truly does have this mode and it’s called Red Death. Here’s how to play the battle royale mode in Civilization VI.

How to Play Red Death Battle Royale in Civilization VI

To play Civilization VI’s new battle royale mode, Red Death, you must first download and install the September 2019 update. This update comes with a lot of fixes, tweaks and additions to the game, including the new mode.

With that downloaded, simply select the Red Death mode from the main menu.

Here’s how to get into the battle royale mode of Civilization VI.

  1. Download and install the September 2019 update.

  2. After installing the update, select Red Death on the main menu.

Now that you know how to get into the mode, let’s talk about what you need to know about the mode.

What You Need to Know

Red Death plays out exactly as you’d expect. You’re a world leader and you have civilians to take care of as the end of the world, or the Red Death, caves in on you and everyone on Earth.

The red ring that slowly closes in on you will eventually kill you as you’d imagine, so you should try to stay out of this ring at all times.

While doing that, you must also defeat any enemies before you or at least survive longer than them. This is a last-civilian-standing mode after all.

If you have at least one civilian unit alive, you’re still in the game. The last remaining player with a civilian alive wins.

You can gain new units and supplies by finding and cleaning City Ruins, clearing Raider Camps and by picking up Supply Drops that periodically fall onto the radioactive wasteland of a map.

Here are some fast facts for you to know about battle royale:

  • Oceans and Lakes are corrosive and will always inflict damage to your units should they enter into them.
  • The Global Heal Rate is increased from normal.
  • All units have unique promotion trees and promoting units heals 25 HP.
  • Raiders are random opponents that stalk around the map and can attack you at any time.
  • A normal match will take between 15 to 50 minutes of play time
  • There are eight factions in the mode: Cultists, Doomsday Preppers, Borderlands, Jocks, Mad Scientists, Mutants, Pirates and Wanderers.
How to Play Battle Royale Mode in Civilization VI

That’s it for our guide on how to play the battle royale mode in Civilization VI.

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