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Borderlands 3: How to Class Mod Farm

Borderlands 3, How to Class Mod Farm

Borderlands 3: How to Class Mod Farm

Class Mods are an integral part of making your Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter the best they can be, so it’s little surprise you’re wondering how to class mod farm your way towards finding the best ones available.

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work and found some strategies you can lean back on.

How to Class Mod Farm in Borderlands 3

To get right to the point, there are three key methods you can use to farm up a healthy supply of class mods.

  1. Re-fight and grind against bosses

    Bosses can be re-fought in Borderlands 3, and many have a higher-than-usual drop rate for Class Mods and other rare items.

  2. Open and re-open Red Chests

    The rarer variety of chests you can find in the game, Red Chests often contain rare loot and higher level Class Mods.

  3. Hunt and re-hunt rare, named creatures

    Almost every area has rare enemies you can take out as a Crew Challenge from Hammerlock, and they can be re-fought as many times as you like.

Each of these methods takes a bit of careful manipulation of Borderlands 3’s loading mechanics, but we’ve laid out the process for each below to help you along.

How to Farm Class Mods by Re-Fighting Bosses

Each boss in Borderlands 3 can be re-fought after you’ve beaten them by returning to their boss fight arena after exiting the area, planet, and/or the game proper. This is useful for farming their rare drops, including but not limited to guns, gear and mods.

When it comes to farming class mods though, you’ll want to focus on exiting the game entierly to speed up the process.

To do this method, make your way through your area of choice and take on the boss. Once you defeat him, collect any of his dropped loot that you want and then return to Sanctuary.

Once you’re successfully loaded into Sanctuary, exit the game from the main menu. Then, select continue game from the main menu.

This should reload you into the game with every enemy reset, including the bosses. Head back down to your planet of choice and rinse and repeat the process until you have the mods you’re satisfied with.

How to Farm Class Mods With Red Chests in Borderlands 3

For farming with Red Chests, the process is fairly similar.

First, find a Red Chest in the area that fits your level. Open the chest, and then loot any mods or gear you want from it.

Once you’ve done this, return to Sanctuary and exit to the main menu after you’ve successfully loaded into the area. Like with bosses, Red Chests will be reset to contain loot again when you exit the game.

Log back onto Borderlands 3 and repeat the process as many times as necessary.

How to Farm Class Mods With Hammerlock’s Hunts Creatures

As for farming with the creatures from Hammerlock’s Hunts, the process is a bit more streamlined.

Head to the area that matches your level and track down the rare creature you need to kill for Hammerlock’s Hunts. It should be marked on your map after you’ve killed it once, so it shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve explored the area thoroughly beforehand.

Kill the creature and take all of the loot it drops. Then, exit out of the game and reload in once you’ve returned to the main menu.

Unlike with bosses, these creatures count as normal enemies and should be loaded back in without leaving the planet. Continue the cycle until you’ve found the mods you want, and racked up a hefty pile of dead rare creatures besides.

That should cover everything you’ll need to know about how to Class Mod farm in Borderlands 3. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki for plenty more tips, tricks and secrets. We have also listed some other helpful guide down below.

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