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Borderlands 3: Best Bosses to Farm & Where to Find Them


Borderlands 3: Best Bosses to Farm & Where to Find Them

Borderlands 3 is known for its incredible boss encounters and the loot that they drop. But the question remains, what are the best bosses to farm in Borderlands 3?

We have compiled a list of some of the best bosses to farm in Borderlands 3 so that you can grind away and add some amazing legendaries to your arsenal.

As always, if you have not completed the main story, beware of spoilers ahead!


borderlands 3 boss to farm
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Location: Meridian Metroplex, Promethea

Gigamind is one of the earliest boss encounters you will come across. What makes Gigamind such a good boss to farm is how quickly you can get back to him and how simple he is to defeat.

Unlike a boss like Killavolt, Gigamind is one of the more simple bosses in the game and his fight can be repeated with relative ease.

Gigamind is located at the end of the Hostile Takeover questline and cannot be encountered until you complete it.

However, if you have been mainlining the story during your playthrough, you will no doubt have completed this quest as it is part of the main story.

Gigamind not only drops a massive amount of loot when defeated, but he also has a unique gun that is exclusive to him called the Smart Gun XXL, a Corrosive SMG that delivers massive damage and has unique perks.

If you are struggling to take down Gigamind, be sure to take a look at the How To Defeat Gigamind Guide we have in our Borderlands 3 Guide Wiki!

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