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10 Best Minecraft Mods of August 2019


10 Best Minecraft Mods of August 2019

August brought us a month of summer sun, surf and sweatiness, but it also gave us some terrific Minecraft mods to keep the game entertaining.

It’s time to look back at the ten best mods of the month, so you can download them yourself and transform your Minecraft experience, if you haven’t already.

Extended Caves Mod

This mod enhances your exploring experience as you search through caves for hidden treasures.

The Extended Caves mod transforms your explorations with the addition of underground structures, mushrooms, various decorations and above all, hidden treasures!

Results are randomly generated, so you never know what you’re going to find.

Cave exploring makes Minecraft all the more interesting and fun, so why not have even more fun with this quirky little enhancement?

Modern Tech Mod

best Minecraft mods of August 2019

Do you ever get tired of the medieval aesthetic Minecraft seems to have? You’ve got that little cabin with a furnace, a bed and a crafting table. It’s not exactly Silicon Valley.

Thanks to the Modern Tech Mod, you can make life in Minecraft a little more 21st century.

This mod adds a few technological items to the game, and these include a TV, a monitor, computer desks, a phone, a camera, a microphone and a tablet.

These will look awesome in any Minecraft home, and will add a much needed touch of modern convenience to your abode.

King Shroomer

Yep, you heard that right. The King Shroomer mod gives players a new boss to fight, though he isn’t much of a challenge.

This goliath of a boss may look like a tough foe, but he is in fact lifeless, with a single purpose of providing the player generously with mushroom blocks.

The King Shroomer is summoned when the player crafts and places a golden mushroom block, created using a gold bar surrounded by mushrooms in a 3×3 crafting grid.

Once defeated, he drops 64 red mushroom blocks for you to use however you wish.

It may be the mod no one asked for, but it’s the one we truly need.

Extra Boats

best Minecraft mods of August 2019

Want to make your ocean explorations more fun and convenient? Well, now you can!

The Extra Boats mod provides you with a whole new range of boating options to make life off land more sustainable.

These enhanced vehicles include boats equipped with chests, furnaces and vessels with increased passenger space (though they are a tad slower to ride).

Now you can travel with extra storage, cook a buffet on the way, or bring your friends and pets along as you explore.

More Dogs

Lets not kid ourselves; we all want more dog options in Minecraft. They’re cute, dependable, and more importantly the cats get varied options already.

Thanks to the More Dogs mod, you can choose from a mix of new dog breeds when selecting your new best friend.

Breeds already introduced include the Husky, Labrador, German Shepherd, Chihuahua and the Pug.

Each breed can be found in a different biome, and are tamed with bones-the same way you tame a wild wolf.

Download this mod today, and adopt them all! Several times!

True Darkness

best Minecraft mods of August 2019

Do you want your experience of night time in the Minecraft world to be even more terrifying and unpredictable? Well, look no further than the True Darkness mod.

This mod adjusts brightness levels in the game, allowing you to make nights darker and caverns much creepier.

It can be a nice touch to a horror-themed project, or to add a bit of realism to those dark, eerie nighttimes.

Try it out, and see how much scarier the mobs become when you can barely see them.


For all you MC interior decorators out there, this is totally the mod for you. It’s time to make your builds much cosier with the MCAdditions mod.

Add adorable coffee tables, end tables and shelving to your house with this new mod, giving your home a comfy feel.

The items can be made of any type of wood, and blend right in with the rest of your furnishings.

Improve your builds today with this incredible decorative mod.

Blood World

best Minecraft mods of August 2019

If you enjoy the more…violent aspects of Minecraft, then you’re going to love the Blood World biome.

This mod has provided us with the ultimate creepy alternate dimension-Blood World.

Be prepared for an abyss of red, danger and confusion as you explore this crimson world.

Full of hidden mysteries, it’s a great place to explore when you get the chance. As long as you like the color red, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Golem Healer

Our iron golems are a godsend in terms of protection. They protect, they attack, but most importantly they need looking after.

With the Golem Healer mod, you can make sure your golem troops are always primed and ready for battle, by healing them through iron ingots!

Each ingot heals them by 10 health points, and it just feels right to use iron to heal an iron giant.

Make sure you are always protected with this handy little mod, your golems will thank you for it.

Potion Crackers

best Minecraft mods of August 2019

Have you ever wanted to eat your potions, as you would with crackers and cheese?

The Potion Crackers mod makes this niche dream a reality, and you can carry potion stacks with you on your adventures-in the form of infused crackers.

At the moment, every legitimate vanilla buff is available in the form of a nice crunchy snack.

If you want to make one, you first create a cracker using wheat on either side of a Nether Wart in a crafting grid.

To infuse magical potion properties, simply surround the potion ingredient you would normally use with 8 crackers. Enjoy!

That’s it for the top 10 Minecraft mods of August 2019. We hope you found something you’d like to add to your own Minecraft experience, but if you’re looking for more be sure to check last month’s list, over on Twinfinite.

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