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4 TGS 2019 Announcements That’d Bring the House Down


4 TGS 2019 Announcements That’d Bring the House Down

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is fast approaching and even though much of the line up for what we will be seeing is known, you can bet there will still be a few surprises. Let’s dive in to what we hope to see at TGS this year.

Side Content For Final Fantasy VII Remake

5 Surprises We Want To See At Tokyo Game Show 2019, tgs 2019

Even though Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced back at E3 2015, we haven’t seen a lot of the game when you compare it to how other AAA games are marketed.

We have seen character reveals, combat, and some iconic story moments, but we haven’t really seen what side content is going to look like in the game.

Since the remake is being broken up into parts, Square Enix has said that the first part of the game will be set only in Midgar. They have also said that each part will be the length of a full game, and since this is a JRPG, you can assume that each part will be quite lengthy.

So considering the fact that in the original game, the Midgar section isn’t the length of a full game, Square Enix is going to have to add a lot to this remake in order to fill out every part? What could this be? Side quests, mini-games, dungeons?

We got some cool story moments from the new trailer that premiered today, but we want to see some other stuff, stuff that we’ll be doing when we’re not saving the world and fighting Sephiroth.

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