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Pokemon Masters: How to Start Special Training


Pokemon Masters: How to Start Special Training

As you play Pokemon Masters, your team will grow stronger over time as is usual for the series. One way to make your Pokemon stronger at a faster rate is through special training. Here’s how to start special training in Pokemon Masters.

How to Start Special Training in Pokemon Masters

When you start up Pokemon Masters, you’ll soon be blasted with a lot of information. Eventually you’ll learn about special training but in case you speed through those dialogue explanations, we’ve made this handy guide to get you caught up.

As you’d expect in a Pokemon game, simply playing through the game and battling other trainers will increase your strength and other stats. During all of this, you can utilize special training to make these stat changes happen even faster.

When you special train, Sync Pairs, which are special synergy-based pairs between trainers and Pokemon, will grow stronger faster. To special train, you need to visit the training area. Here, you can train hard and earn a ton of rewards while doing so.

The more daily missions you complete, the faster your team of sync pairs will grow so if you combine special training with daily mission performance, as well as your normal gameplay, your team will be growing strong at an extremely fast rate.

The more your pairs grow through special training, the more often you’ll be able to level up. In turn, the more you level up, the more moves you’ll be able to learn for each of your Pokemon.

Special Training Pokemon Masters

Here’s a breakdown of what special training is

  1. To special train, go to the training area in the game.

    Here, you can train your Pokemon to increase their stats, earn rewards, level up and learn new moves.

That’s it for our guide on how to start special training in Pokemon Masters.

For more information about Pokemon Masters, be sure to check out our Pokemon Masters Guide Wiki on Twinfinite. There, we’ll have tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you become the very best. Here are some guides to get you started:

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