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Fortnite: Where to Spray Fountain, Junkyard Crane, Vending Machine (Spray & Pray Challenge)

fortnite spray fountain junkyard crane vending machine

Fortnite: Where to Spray Fountain, Junkyard Crane, Vending Machine (Spray & Pray Challenge)

Fortnite Season 10 is here and it’s brought with it a ton of different challenge lists and types for players to work through, alongside Missions, so you can make your way to that Tier 100 skin on the Battle Pass. One of the Spray & Pray challenges tasks players to “Spray a Fountain, Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine” in Fortnite. Here’s where you need to go for each of them.

Where to Spray Fountain, Junkyard Crane & Vending Machine in Fortnite

fortnite spray fountain, junkyard crane, vending machine

Fortnite Fountain Location – H6

fortnite spray fountain location

The fountain can be found in Mega Mall, right at the center of the mall itself. It’s pretty tricky to miss, but check out our screenshot so you can pinpoint where you need to go.

Fortnite Junkyard Crane Location – B1

fortnite spray junkyard crane location

Fortnite’s junkyard crane is, of course, in Junk Junction, it’s pretty huge and is towering in the southwest corner of this named location. Spray anywhere on the junkyard crane and you’ll have ticked off this part of the Spray & Pray challenge.

Fortnite Vending Machine Location

Finally, vending machines can be found just about anywhere around the map. Most named locations have at least one, and there are a ton just in the middle of nowhere that you can grab. These are usually by ruined buildings or shacks, so keep an eye out for one.

A personal favorite of ours is the one just on the lower section of the Viking Village’s large mountain. It’s right by the frozen waterfall just south of the ship, and is rarely interacted with by other players from our own experience. Keep in mind, though, that vending machines don’t spawn in every game. Only a handful will, so you’ll need to just keep an eye out for them.

How to Spray Items in Fortnite

To spray items in Fortnite, press down on the d-pad, or press B on keyboard. This will open up your emote wheel. Now, simply look for any spray by looking for a design on a brick wall within your emote wheel. Select it and aim at whatever you want to spray and you should be all set.

That’s everything you need to know about where to spray fountain, junkyard crane, and a vending machine in Fortnite Season 10’s Spray & Pray challenge. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 10 guide wiki. We’ve also included other Spray & Pray Mission guides down below for your convenience.

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