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FIFA 20: How to Get a Beta Code

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FIFA 20: How to Get a Beta Code

The release of FIFA 20 is only a month and a half away and all the news about the game’s new features is being released. We have also got news on the beta that traditionally runs in early August before the new iteration’s release. So that you can test out the new features early, here’s everything you need to know about how to get a beta code for FIFA 20.

The beta is due to begin at 10 am PST on Aug. 9 and will available for PS4 and Xbox One players in the USA and UK.

How to Get a FIFA 20 Beta Code

Unfortunately, it’s not simply a case of downloading it from your platform of choice’s store. You have to be specifically invited to take part in the FIFA 20 beta and there’s nothing you can really do to improve your chances.

If you head to your EA Sports account preferences via this link, and make sure that you’ve got the top choice ticked. This will allow you to receive emails from EA Sports, one of which could be a beta code for FIFA 20.

Checking the box does not guarantee access, but it puts you into the hat for the chance. EA Sports will then just pick at random and send the codes out to people via email.

Whether you’ve played one game for FIFA 19, or 10,000, it does not change your chances of getting an invite. You’ve just got to keep your fingers crossed and wait for an email.

For example, I’ve played over a thousand matches in each of the last three FIFAs and have only received a beta code once.

When FIFA 20 Beta Codes Will Be Distributed

According to the FIFA forum post, codes will begin to be sent out on Aug. 8, with access beginning from the following day. Just keep an eye on your email account that’s linked to your EA account and download the beta if a code arrives.

What Included in the Beta

As is usually the case, which modes you’ll have access to will depend on the invite. The email that contains the code will say what you have access to. The EA Sports help page on the beta says the following:

Everyone will have access to Kickoff, plus one additional mode from this list:

  • Career
  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)
  • Pro Clubs

So, you’ll get access to some of the above modes, but not all of them.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a beta code for FIFA 20. For more tips and tricks on the game once it releases fully, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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