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15 Video Game Series Defined By Their Incredible Music


15 Video Game Series Defined By Their Incredible Music

There are games that will outlast you, me and everyone we know. For some, it’s because of that one infamous mission. For others, it’s because of that one mechanic that changed the way we play games. For the game series on this list, it’s because of the music. Here are 10 video game series that are defined by their music, be it one of their songs or their entire score.


10 Video Game Series That Are Defined By Their Music

If you ask almost any gamer about DuckTales and what it’s known for, whether they’ve played it or not, chances are their answer will be the Moon level song. It’s catchy, screams space and captures the essence of the DuckTales game.

It’s no surprise that the Moon level song is as great as it sounds when you consider where the DuckTales property came from: Disney. Using just five sound channels on the NES, the Moon level sounds like a theme song ripped straight from a silver screen Disney feature and we’ll be humming it and reminiscing on the good ole licensed Disney game days for years to come.

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