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Wolfenstein Youngblood: How to Get Laserkraftwerk


Wolfenstein Youngblood: How to Get Laserkraftwerk

Wolfenstein games have always featured badass guns and Youngblood is no different. The Laserkraftwerk is one the most powerful in the game, but it serves a more important function than the very important task of turning Nazi’s to gloop. Here’s how to get Laserkraftwerk.

How to Get Laserkraftwerk in Wolfenstein Youngblood

As we alluded to already, the Laserkraftwerk is both a tool and a weapon. Indeed, just as it can melt through armor, the gun can also turn doors into mush. You’ll find plenty of locked doors that require this weapon to open right from the very start of the game.

To get the Laserkraftwerk you’ll have to visit Brother 1, a heavily fortified Nazi camp in the Little Berlin district.

Before you even think about taking this mission on, though, make sure you’ve leveled yourself to 20 or above, as there will be some tough enemies standing in your way. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve upgraded your stealth cloak.

When you’re reading, activate “Raid Mission: Brother 1” as your tracked quest and follow the waypoint to its start.

After you’ve taken out the guards at its entrance you’ll be tasked with making your way to something called Kontrollpunkt, which means control point. This needs to be open so you can access the prison and continue towards your objective.

A high-level Zerstorer stands in your way, however, so you’ll want to use your upgraded cloak to slip by. Once you’ve opened the control point it’s just a matter of following the waypoints toward the reception area.

To access the room the waypoint is leading you to you’ll need to access a duct that’s above you. This can be accessed by platforming onto the ceiling fan and across to the walkway.

Now you’ve accessed the glassed off security booth simply proceed to the next room to find the Laserkraftwerk on the table.

Remember, the Laserkraftwerk allows you to destroy any create or grate that has a laser symbol on it, so do spend some time accessing areas that were previously unavailable. You can use the coins you find to upgrade the Laserkraftwerk, which is well worth doing.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get the Laserkraftwerk in Wolfenstein Youngblood. For more tips and guides on the game be sure to search Twinfinite.

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