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Fortnite Solar Arrays Locations: Visit a Solar Array in Snow, Desert, and the Jungle


Fortnite Solar Arrays Locations: Visit a Solar Array in Snow, Desert, and the Jungle

The Fortnite week 9 challenges give players yet another chance to level up their Battle Pass and get some sweet, sweet cosmetics. One of the challenges requires player to “Visit a Solar Array in the Snow, Desert, and the Jungle.” If you’re struggling to figure out what these are, or where the solar arrays locations are on Fortnite’s map, you’re in the right place.

What Are Fortnite Solar Arrays?

These are essentially massive solar panels that take in the light energy from the sun, they’ve got huge reflective surfaces and are pointing up towards the sky. They’re pretty easy to spot, even on Fortnite’s map. We’ve marked their locations on the map down below, before showing you exactly where you need to go for the jungle, snow, and desert solar arrays.

All Fortnite Solar Arrays Locations

Snow Solar Array

fortnite snow solar array

The array in the snowy biome can be found just behind the airport hangars in Frosty Flights in grid reference A8. Directly to the south of these hangars, you’ll find a bunch of these solar panels.

Desert Solar Array Location

fortnite desert solar array

The desert solar array can be found just west of Paradise Palms on a hill in grid reference I8. It’s between this named location and John Wick’s house on the far east of the island.

Jungle Solar Array in Fortnite

fortnite jungle solar array

Finally, the jungle solar array can be found northwest of Sunny Steps and directly east of the thermal springs and Lazy Lagoon. We also had to visit there recently for a Fortbyte, so it should be a familiar sight.

After visiting all of these, you’ll complete the week 9 challenge and be one step closer to unlocking the loading screen so you can track down the week 9 secret battle star.

That’s all of the Fortnite solar array locations you’ll need to complete this week 9 challenge. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 9 guide wiki.

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