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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Dig & Make Holes

how to dig in dragon quest builders 2 and make holes

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Dig & Make Holes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is all about making a variety of charming buildings, items, and landscapes to help you defeat the Children of Hargon and bring back the joy of creating and crafting various different things. Digging is something, therefore, that you’ll need to get to grips with pretty quickly to help you find items and build structures.

How to Dig & Make Holes in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Before you can dig, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the Builder’s Tool. This just looks like a big hammer, and fortunately for you, you’ll automatically get it as part of the story early on in the game.

Once you’ve got the Builder’s Tool, it’s simply a case of holding L2 and then pressing R2 (ZL and ZR for you Switch players). Doing so will dig one square down, continue to press R2/ ZR to dig deeper.

Digging is pretty important to get to grips with, as you’ll need to use it to get particular crafting materials and items that can’t be acquired elsewhere. It also allows you to alter the base of structures without destroying the walls above, or just to go down and explore deeper into the world.

It’s worth noting, that similar to digging in Minecraft, you can only dig down to a certain point until you reach a bed rock-like material that you can’t get past. The level that this occurs varies depending on where you dig, but it’ll always happen sooner or later.

And there you have what you need to know on how to dig in Dragon Quest Builders 2 so you can make holes to your heart’s content. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides for Dragon Quest Builders 2 down below.

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