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Total War Three Kingdoms: How to Play Ma Teng

Total War: Three Kingdoms, How to Play Ma Teng

Total War Three Kingdoms: How to Play Ma Teng

How to Play Ma Teng in Total War Three Kingdoms

Each of Total War: Three Kingdoms‘ warlords presents different opportunities and challenges in how they help or hinder your vies for power. Ma Teng is no exception, and that’s why we’re here to help you figure out how to how to play Ma Teng like a pro.

A warlord who is loyal to the Han Dynasty, Ma Teng is a character who enjoys plenty of benefits and advantages early on in the game that makes aggressive play and expansion easy.

Positioned close to the capital, he can find plenty of allies to his cause early on while also having a good location to fall back to should conflicts with enemies get too hairy.

As a result, the early game is when you can get a big leg up on your opponents by keeping a few key strategies in mind.

What Strategies to Use as Ma Teng in Total War Three Kingdoms’ Early Game

During the early game, don’t be afraid to be aggressive. With the advantages Ma Teng starts out with, it’s easy to expand fast and hard across the map, establishing your territory and a formidable fighting force in the process.

Use the first phases of the game to expand across the map, making sure to keep an eye on how well you can defend your ever-increasing territory. Keep your forces generally grouped together and don’t stay in enemy territory for too long.

While doing this, you’ll also need to keep an eye on your army’s economic status. Make sure to never overstep your army’s surplus of funds, and take actions to increase your income when needed.

When it starts to look like you’ll have trouble defending all of your territory, slow down your expansion and start shoring up your defenses by expanding on your unit variety, establishing key points to defend against enemy attacks and so on.

What Strategies to Use as Ma Teng in Total War Three Kingdoms’ Mid and Late Game

As the Total War: Three Kingdoms moves into the mid and late-game stages, you’ll want to focus less on aggressive expansion and conflict and more on diplomacy, negotiations, and economic activities.

This will allow you to compensate for the increase in military power most of your opponents will begin to display, and give you more time and funds to increase the power of your own units.

Take a defensive approach to the game until you have a decent grasp on your enemy’s strength. Once you do, prepare accordingly and expand only after you’re sure it won’t leave your forces or your funds depleted.

Successfully implementing these strategies can be intimidating at first, but once you have them down, you’ll have figured out how to play Ma Teng like a pro.

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