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The Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct Is Over but the Memes Are Just Beginning

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct Is Over but the Memes Are Just Beginning

After every single Nintendo Direct or Pokemon Direct, it seems that fans immediately head to Twitter to share the funniest memes they can come up with.

After the Pokemon-focused Direct this morning, of course, we came across dozens upon dozens of memes that we just had to compile into this article.

So, since we’re all still hyped after that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield presentation, let’s continue the excitement by having a laugh or two.

I don’t think a piece of toast would be as useful as an actual shield, but because of pure cuteness, I would have to go with the bread dog:

Never been defeated you say? Just wait until Nov 15.

Wolf Link and Midna confirmed for Sword and Shield:

The resemblance is uncanny:

Can we call this “Pikachu: Rise of the Pokemon”?:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen gigantic versions of Pokemon:

Wow. So that’s how Dragonite ended up being that size:

Wailord is going to be so big:

Okay, just one more about the giant Pokemon –these battles are going to be sick!

Yeah, I wouldn’t attend any stadium that has huge fire-breathing Pokemon:

Awe man, I was hoping to hear more about this one too:

I think I’m going to cry:

Hey, it always works out for them at the end of the day:

It fits so well!:

A Uber ride in the sky? Count me in:

A lot of folks seem to be really digging Sonia:

I hope she doesn’t end up hating my character –I just want my sweet Grookey and that’s it:

You better put that sword down right now!:

And one more for good measure:

Did you enjoy all of those Pokemon Sword and Shield memes? Yeah, we know you did. If you have any other memes that are must-shares, please feel free to leave a comment down below!

And for more on Pokemon Sword and Shield, check out the news on the release date, another story about all of the characters, and a list of all of the new Pokemon in the Galar region.

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