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7 Microsoft E3 Conference Predictions That Would Win the Show


7 Microsoft E3 Conference Predictions That Would Win the Show

xCloud Detailed, Inc Switch Compatibility

Microsoft, E3

Microsoft is hedging its bets on streaming technology for the next generation, and so we should expect a substantial amount of conference time dedicated to unveiling the finer details of what xCloud has in store moving forward.

We already know that xCloud is pretty far along after Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke of internal testing earlier this year. The overall design philosophy, compatibility with touch screen controls, and the targeted minimum connection speeds have also been set in various blog posts and interview updates, too.

For E3, then, it’s a case of demonstrating xCloud working on-stage and showcasing the reality of the Azure technology before our very eyes. Let’s see Microsoft’s answer to Google Stadia’s impressive reveal back in March.

While we’re on the subject of xCloud, it probably makes sense for Microsoft to back up its “play anywhere” tagline by speaking of — if not demonstrating — the software working on multiple devices, including Nintendo Switch. Indeed, I’d be surprised if the partnership wasn’t at least mentioned.

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