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Mario Maker 2: How to Share Levels

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Mario Maker 2: How to Share Levels

Super Mario Maker 2 is all the rage right now, and one of its key selling points is sharing the handcrafted platforming levels that you have poured your heart and soul into. Let’s run through how to share levels in Super Mario Maker 2.

What’s the use of creating the perfect Mario stage if you can’t let the world enjoy it? The beauty of this game is that even if you aren’t into creating courses yourself, you can still download other peoples creations and get an infinite amount of levels to play.

How to Share Levels in Super Mario Maker 2

First things first: create a level you want to share with others. Super Mario Maker 2 is full of robust tools to do exactly that, and you can get really creative with your course concepts.

Sharing levels is easy-peasy. Once you are happy with your course, press the robot on the right hand on the screen to save it, you will then get a chance to pick the slot you would like to save it in.

Then you just need to press the robot again, and this time select the upload option and voila! Your course will now be playable to all and sundry.

There is one caveat: You have to have completed your own course at least once before you are able to upload it, so keep things somewhat tame. This is something of a godsend, as it would be infuriating to spend your time trying to conquer a course that is impossible to complete, but lucky for us the good folks at Nintendo have thought of that.

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